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Bowls – Tibetan Singing Bowls

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Bowls HD – Tibetan Singing Bowls

Recent Customers Reviews


Fun App!

What an incredibly cool app! I love the way you use the user interface to make the sounds and they do respond to the way you touch or strike the various instruments. I love the fact that you can record your sessions.


Soothing Melody

This application is quite amazing. It allows you to create soothing and relaxing sounds. I play it a few minutes several times a day to relax and focus. I find it extremely helpful at work in times of stress.



I have been looking at buying one of these bowls but I did not want to spend the money. Downloading the app I was surprised to get several bowls and bells! This is incredible! Buying all those real life bowls would have cost a small fortune.

App Information

Bowls HD - Tibetan Singing Bowls

Swirl your fingers slowly around the edges of the bowls to create beautiful meditative harmonic tones. Tap the bowls, gongs, bells, and tingsha cymbals to add depth and variety to your music.

NEW Feature!: Record and save your masterpieces and play them back while relaxing or meditating to bring peace to your mind, body and soul.

Use this app for meditation, music, relaxation and personal well-being.
Use the healing sounds of Bowls to…
– Relax
– Make music
– Reduce stress
– Boost your creativity
– Prepare for meditation
– Escape from a noisy situation
– Focus before, during or after yoga
– Swirl your finger SLOWLY on the rim of each bowl to get it to sing
– Bowls is best experienced with earbuds or headphones
– Use low volume for ambience or higher volume to focus your meditation
– Connect to a stereo system to play your music in a group environment
“Your body is a temple, but it occasionally needs a tune-up.”
** “Top 5 iPhone apps for chilling out” – LA Times
** “A meditative masterpiece” – The Boston Globe
** Selected by Apple as “App Store Essential for Rest and Relaxation”
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