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EFT Video for Manifesting Your Soulmate

FREE EFT How-to video for Manifesting Your Soulmate

Karen Kripalani, co-founder of Beauty Everywhere and author of the Manifest Your Soulmate walks through a how to video on EFT for manifesting your soulmate using the Power of Attraction.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) otherwise known as Tapping is acupressure for your emotions. You can tap on certain points on your body with your fingers while voicing things that are bothering you. Normally talking about negative subjects is not advised for manifestation, when it is done using EFT tapping, it actually creates positive results. While you are tapping and voicing negativity, you’re removing the negative energy blocks that prevent you from achieving manifestation success.

A personal coach to help you manifest more love into your life. Daily messages inspire you to become your best self and attract your Divine partner!

Each day, spend just three minutes listening as Karen delivers three personalized messages that the Universe has selected just for you. For example, listen after waking up, during lunch or just before bed. They’re short enough that you can easily fit them into your busy day.


– BEGIN your day with the right mindset to attract love 
– RECEIVE three personalized messages selected by the Universe
– LISTEN to Karen explain the deeper meaning of your messages
– COMPLETE the action steps associated with each message
– REPLAY your messages any time before the day’s end
– SHARE your personal messages with others
– WAKE up to the Audio Wake-Up Alarm feature 

In beauty and gratitude,

Karen Kripalani
Karen Kripalani Signature

What Signs Are Your Godwinx?

I recently got to meet up with my dear friend, Laura Lynne Jackson, at Warwick’s bookstore in La Jolla, CA for the book signing of her most recent release, “Signs.” I was first introduced to Laura Lynne through my cousin (exactly 7 years ago to the day of this writing!) and is one of the most amazing psychics I have ever received a reading from. Not only has she been spot on with my reads, but she is an incredibly loving and kind human being as well. I am extremely grateful to have her in my circle of soul sisters!

I love the timing of this book because I have been seeing signs all over the place lately! I seem to get my most profound signs from the other side through license plates. I call them “Godwinx” because I feel like these are the times when God is winking at me. I first started noticing this communication from the other side immediately after I got diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011. My husband and I sat trembling and crying together in the car when I looked up and saw the license plate in front of me that said: NO WORRE.

In the days that followed I kept seeing more license plates that spoke to me:












These provided me so much comfort at the time, and still do today!

Last week I was visiting my family in Connecticut where all 26 of us gathered together to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary at our childhood home on the Connecticut shore. My Grandpa George and Grandma Gigi bought this house in 1944 and it has been one of our family’s biggest gifts and blessings. 

My 4 siblings and I organized a surprise party for our folks last Saturday. I went for a jog the morning of the party and passed a car with a license plate that said: LUV GIGI. To me it was a clear sign from my grandmother saying that she was so happy that we were all together as a family and celebrating in her house.

The party was a huge success. My parents were so surprised and deeply grateful. They renewed their vows surrounded by their family and lifelong friends. 

The next day I went for another jog and passed a different car (in a totally different location!) with the license plate: GIGI XOX. Yes, Gigi, I definitely hear you and feel your love! We are so grateful to you for creating this memory-filled place where we can all gather together to share in our love. Thank you for joining us from the heavens!

What signs are you tapping into? How do you hear messages from the other side? Are you listening to the signs?

Check out Laura Lynne’s book “Signs” for inspiration on ways you can get more in touch with  messages you may be receiving. And, if numbers are a point of connection for you, check out our new app “11:11 Oracle” by Alana Fairchild. The app can help you answer questions and enable you to look up the meanings of numbers and sequences that may keep appearing in your life.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences with connecting to your loved ones on the other side.

Much love to you always,

In beauty and gratitude,

Karen Kripalani
Karen Kripalani Signature

“Do numbers speak to you? Are you hearing the signs?”

My family has a magic number that appears often for us…..the number 33.
We just released Alana Fairchild’s new numbers guidance app 11:11 Oracle and Alana says that the number 33 is about devoting yourself to your heart’s highest purpose

I wanted to share a recent experience I had with the number 33.
I went to see my Ayurvedic doctor for a checkup and told him that I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed and lacking in passion and purpose. He gave me a prescription….I had to go surfing!

What?!? I wasn’t going to go surfing. There must be something else he could “prescribe.” I’ve always loved the idea of surfing, and I love the ocean, but California water is COLD….and there are sharks! I flashed back to that summer when I was 8-years-old and my short little life flashed before my eyes while I tumbled and churned in the undertow of a huge wave. That traumatic experience always held me back. Combining that with the cold… and the sharks… and I’ve always avoided swimming in the California Pacific waters. I’ve allowed my fears to keep me out of the ocean.

Now, my doctor was insisting that I must go in. I asked if he could just give me another herb to drink, or pick a different activity. He said there was no alternative. He wanted me to step outside of my comfort zone and feel the vastness of the ocean. He wanted me to be one with creation and feel that I am a part of this huge Universe. 

I trust this particular natural doctor with my life….because, in fact, I feel he really did save my life (that’s a whole other story). But I left there going…oh yeah, this probably won’t happen. I’m going to go back in a month and have to tell him that I chickened out…and disappoint him.

On the way home from my appointment I asked the Universe to show me some signs of guidance. Then I called my sister, and told her about my “prescription.” Smack dab in the middle of my explanation a white van drove in front of me. There were large surfboards painted on the sides and back. It was a van for a surf school. And plastered across the doors was the name of the school. Degree 33!

I was shocked at the swiftness of my request for guidance. OK, I thought, I’m listening! We were both amazed…and not. We knew this was not coincidence. I was being shown a sign. I was being guided and directed. There was no mistaking it.

That afternoon I received an email from The Greatness Foundation, a local group that I’ve been wanting to get involved with for some time. They were hosting a retreat the next weekend and had 1 spot left. I called to inquire about it and was offered the spot. The topic was finding your passion and purpose, and…..wait for it…..there was a surf lesson on Sunday! I knew I had to be there and excitedly signed up.

The next day I had a moms’ spa day planned. I told my friends about the “signs” I had been seeing. They told me that 33 is supposedly the “Jesus number” because he died at age 33 and his color was green. Then the spa attendant handed me my locker key and, wouldn’t you know it, it was locker number 33…on a green wrist band!

The following week was the Greatness retreat….on the third floor in suite number 300, of course! I was smiling ear-to-ear the whole first morning because it was all about gratitude (our main theme over here at Beauty Everywhere headquarters) and living with purpose and passion. I knew that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I told the group about my surfing prescription and my 33 signs that lead me to the retreat. They loved the story and after our fearless leader, Mike Sherbakov, told us that he was 33 years-old, the number 33 was adopted by the group as our official mascot. That night we went to our planned dinner at Triology (3s were everywhere!) and our food number was 33. I kid you not!

The next morning we did yoga on the beach and when the surf school called to tell us where to meet them for our group lesson they told us to meet in front of lifeguard station 33!


I was a bit nervous getting in the water, but by then there was absolutely no doubt and I knew that this was my destiny and mission. We were provided wetsuits to shield us from the cold, and knowledgable instruction, so we felt safe. And then we hit the waves! They were just the right size for beginners and before I knew it I was popping up on that board and flying over the surface of the water. I’d get to the shore and turn right back around, eager to get back out into the next set of waves. I took moments between thrill rides to focus on the vastness of the sea, and my oneness with the Universe and all of creation. My passion swelled as my life’s purpose came into focus.

My doctor was right. It was the perfect cure for my passionless blues. I felt so supported because God kept showing me that I was on the right path through the number 33. I don’t always keep my eyes open wide enough to see the signs, but the beauty in this lesson was that signs are everywhere. Guidance is always all around me, speaking to me… if I am paying attention. 

Do you ever wonder about the meaning of a number you keep seeing? Or have a question you’d like to be answered with a number transmission? Alana Fairchild’s 11:11 Oracle app provides inspired, spiritually guided answers to your questions.

We hope you enjoy this new Beauty Everywhere app!

In beauty and gratitude,

Karen Kripalani
Karen Kripalani Signature
Earth Warriors Oracle

Earth Warriors and Healing

I’ve been thinking a lot about my healing lately. Since my brain tumor diagnosis 7 1/2 years ago, many earthly and spiritual healings have happened to allow me to be here today. I appreciate every moment I get to share with my family and friends, and for the most part, I feel great! But every now and then I feel a little off. Then the fear starts to creep in and my monkey mind starts to go a little haywire. That’s when I know I need to really put my spiritual tools to work.

This morning was one of those times.

I was trying to focus on work to keep my mind occupied. I needed to do some last minute testing on our new Earth Warriors Oracle app so I opened the one card draw and asked: “what do I need to know most at this time, for my highest and greatest good?”

I pulled the Pono Pono card.

Well, of course, I did!

It starts out: “The heart has the power to heal in a way that the mind cannot understand. Do not allow your mind to distract or frighten you. You are a beautiful child of the Universe and divine love lives within your heart.”

I had never even seen this card before in all our testing, nor did I realize it was even a part of this deck. This was shockingly precise for me because this Ho’oponopono practice is one of the main tools I have used to help me heal! Not only that, but I have been teaching a lot of Ho’oponopono to others lately, pretty much on a daily basis. (It’s even one of my steps in my free 5 Magic Steps to Manifest Your Soulmate Mini Course!)

So opening this card was the perfect jolt from spirit to get out of my head (literally) and into my heart. I just have to go back to the basics: love, repentance, forgiveness and gratitude. I need to keep in mind that if I just practice what I preach I will be ok. That by helping others I help myself. I am an Earth Warrior and I’m so grateful!

Yes, I totally believe in the power of these oracle card apps, and still they always seem to surprise me with how accurate the readings can be. I am thankful for this reminder that we are Earth Warriors and that our own healings can be catalysts for other people’s healings as well.

THIS WEEK’S AFFIRMATIONI am grateful to be an Earth Warrior!
I am here to heal and transform this planet into a more beautiful world!

May beauty and love surround you this week and always!

Karen Kripalani

Karen Kripalani Signature

EARTH WARRIORS are the healers and transformational leaders for a more beautiful world. They destabilize the status quo with their innovative attitude and higher consciousness, defying convention and living from the heart. They are not afraid of change – they embrace it and lead the human race forward into new ways of thinking, being and living in this world for the greatest good.

Earth Warriors seek love as their leader and wisdom as their guide. They question authority and respect only what is shown to be wise and true. They nourish conscious community relationships and envision a hopeful future for all upon the earth, connecting with their soul tribe to bring that vision to life. 

Earth Warriors know what is true in their own hearts, and they refuse to be conditioned by mass consciousness into fear, apathy, complacency or overwhelm and despair. They have enormous positive energy within and a passionate desire for meaningful contribution and constructive sacred purpose in this world. 

Earth Warriors love our planet with passionate devotion and fierce wisdom. Willing to cause a stir for the right cause, the Earth Warriors bring truth out of darkness, when others who trade in fear would wish to keep it hidden. 

Earth Warriors are the wise guides showing the way towards our world of the future that is bright and honoring of life. These are the new world leaders-in-the-making, the solution-creators. They are stirring up beautiful trouble to challenge mainstream views with higher consciousness and healing change, and they hold an important role in love’s revolution on our planet. These are the safe hands holding the earth as she goes through a massive paradigm shift into new consciousness. 

The Earth Warriors Oracle helps you tap in to your creativity, courage and optimism so you can fulfill your sacred purpose, making a real and positive difference in your own life and for the greatest good in our world. 

We are these Earth Warriors, this soul tribe of sacred community that honors life, connection and relationship, refuses to bow down to authority and, instead, dares to define – and live by – what matters most. We recognize that our courage and truth-speaking, our way of living and being, create a light by which humanity can find its way into authentic, compassionate and wise relationship with ourselves and all of life. The power and ways are given to us to be passed on to others.

— Fools Crow, Ceremonial Chief, Teton Sioux


I Am Grateful for LOVE – Manifest Your Soulmate 2019

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air! It’s a time to celebrate all things dear to us. Whether it is devotion to a mate, a child, an animal, your Self, or showering loving kindness on the whole world, this holiday is about sharing your love with all those around you.

You may find that this season of the year causes your soul to crave companionship, and you feel pulled to join with that one individual the Universe has created for you. A desire to find your soulmate.

I met my husband and soulmate 13 years ago after doing some serious work on myself to get me in the right mindset for love. I had had relationship after relationship where I knew that I wasn’t actually with my soulmate. I also knew that I wanted kids, time was ticking, and I needed to really step up my game. I had been studying the Law of Attraction since the 90s and started creating a serious plan for how I was going to manifest my husband. Once I got down to business, he quickly appeared in my life. We were engaged 3 months later and married 5 months after that.

I wanted to share some of these tools with you so I created this FREE mini video course:

5 Magic Steps To Manifest your Soulmate.

By following this 5 step process you can deliberately create what you want and open yourself up to love.

These are the 5 steps:

  1. Figure out what you Don’t Want. (2:26)
  2. The Ho’oponopono prayer (3:53)
  3. Clarify what you Do Want. (4:47)
  4. Physically FEEL what it’s like to have those things. (5:23)
  5. Release! Have faith and Allow the Law of Attraction to work. (6:57)

I hope that you enjoy this video and that these tips serve you well.
May true love flow in abundance your way!


I am grateful for all the love in my life!
I am loved. I am loving. I AM LOVE.

May beauty and love surround you this week and always!


Karen Kripalani

Karen Kripalani Signature

PS. If you’re looking for some daily support, please feel free to check out my app, Manifest Your Soulmate on the app store.

Every day you receive 3 personalized topics to focus on, where I’ll share powerful tools to help get you into the highest vibration to attract love.

It’s a bit like a personal coaching session with me, and an oracle read, all wrapped into one. Each day the Universe gives you the perfect messages that you are meant to focus on that day.

One of my favorite ways to use the app is with the morning alarm. You’ll softly be awakened to a gentle reminder that it’s time to raise your vibration.
It truly is a beautiful way to start the day!

Oceanhouse Media 10 Year Anniversary

This week we wanted to give a big shout out to YOU, our beautiful community, in appreciation for all the support that you have given us over the last decade. This week we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary and it’s all because of you!

Back in January 2009, 6 months after the original iPhone was released, my husband and I decided to jump into the world of app development. Michel and I had just had our first baby and a month later Oceanhouse Media (& later, Beauty Everywhere) was born. With 10,000 apps already on the brand new App Store, Michel thought that we might have missed the boat. Sitting at our dining room table we began developing our first app, Bowls, a Tibetan singing bowl app that utilized the 1st smart phone touch screen. (insert image – Bowls icon) Today we are honored to have over 300 Top-rated apps on the App Store.

Together, I feel like this community, our family, OM and BE have all grown up together. You’ve shared your delights and challenges, desires and concerns with us over the years. We’ve listened and it’s made us a better company, and hopefully a better partner with you in your development of personal growth.

It’s been a delight to watch you thrive over all these years. To read your reviews and hear how you’ve grown is so inspiring and has brought us such great joy. We are honored to be a part of of your soul journey.

Along with our children, this community has become our family. We have all grown together over these last ten years. Whether it’s been discovering our passions and purpose with Colette Baron-Reid, receiving guidance from Alana Fairchild’s crystal mandala oracle cards, being awakened by Iyanla Vanzant(, learning to read with Dr. Seuss,) or by allowing me into your daily life to help you manifest your soulmate, there has been great development and inspiration.

It’s remarkable how fast time can fly! We feel so blessed and grateful to have been a part of your lives over the last decade.


I am grateful for soul family!

I appreciate the connection that I have with my like-minded tribe and am thankful for our growth together and support of each other! 

Thank you so much for being a part of our family! Happy anniversary to us all!

-In gratitude

Karen Kripalani

Karen Kripalani Signature


“This simple app has made an enormous impact on me, even after a week! Karen has created a wonderful way to help people be their best selves.” –Manifest Your Soulmate App 

“Phenomenal. Speechless as to how every week resonates so deeply. I feel comforted and like someone is with me always.” –Awakenings with Iyanla Vanzant 

“Awesomeness! This is exactly what I wanted from CBR. To begin my day with a positive message to take with me throughout my day. When you hear your personal message from her your heart opens to the possibility’s that you have all around you. It brings awareness and understanding. The best part is CBR is explaining it to me. Exactly what I wanted! Thank you!”-Your Daily Oracle App