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Love Rumi and this app

I enjoy having choices for longer readings - this is a great app - I love it!


Incredible accuracy!

I absolutely LOVE this deck! I've only done 2 readings -- each a2 card spread, and they've all matched up with what I've experienced through my days and into the nights. Spot on & I LOVE the imagery-- they unite me with what's familiar in my mind. ❤️



I didn't know what to expect but this app is amazing...a little too long in the description part of the readings but they were spot on everything I'm going through right now. Very eerie to me since I'm new to oracle the imagery and Rumi's quotes.

App Information

Rumi Oracle

Reveal deeper truths about yourself and others with Rumi Oracle.

Whether you have studied Rumi’s poetry for years or are drawn to him only now, this beautifully illustrated 44 card deck will strengthen and illuminate your connection with this beautiful and powerful soul who loves you with a fierce passion.

Rumi the mystic poet speaks a sacred language that we understand with our hearts rather than our minds. He encourages humanity to live and love with absolute surrender, abandon and willingness to accept the mysteries of life.

– Give readings anywhere, anytime
– Choose between different types of readings
– Save your readings to review at any time
– Email readings to friends
– Browse the entire deck of cards
– Flip cards over to read each card’s meaning
– Get the most out of your deck with the complete guidebook
– Set a daily reminder for a reading

Alana Fairchild shares a message of love from the divine mother in all her many faces – compassionate and fierce, protective and wild.