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Thank you for this app! It is thoughtful and uplifting.


Positive and uplifting

Very spiritual which I enjoy. Good stuff.



I’m very moved by this app. It gives me something to think about all day. Beautiful.

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A personal coach to help you manifest more love into your life. Daily messages inspire you to become your best self and attract your Divine partner!

Manifest Your Soulmate is designed to help you establish the foundation of opening your mind and heart to love. Coupled with gentle guidance of actions, these principles will help you learn how to first love yourself and subsequently attract others to you. As you work at learning these lessons on a daily basis, you will prepare yourself to find and meet your soulmate! Even if you are already in a partnership, this app can help you improve or maintain a beautiful relationship.
Each day, spend just three minutes listening as Karen delivers three personalized messages that the Universe has selected just for you. For example, listen after waking up, during lunch or just before bed. They’re short enough that you can easily fit them into your busy day.

– BEGIN your day with the right mindset to attract love and your soulmate
– RECEIVE three personalized messages selected by the Universe
– LISTEN to Karen explain the deeper meaning of your messages
– COMPLETE the action steps associated with each message
– REPLAY your messages any time before the day’s end
– SHARE your personal messages with others

Karen Kripalani, along with her husband and soulmate Michel, co-founded Oceanhouse Media, a leading publisher of over 500 mobile apps that uplift, educate and inspire. She has been a student of conscious manifestation for over 20 years. When she set out to find her soulmate she called upon and created some powerful processes that helped to bring her Divine love to fruition. The self-love lessons contained in this app led her to meet her husband, with whom she experienced an instant soul connection.