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Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

Love this app! Highly recommended!


Let Go and Let God

Thank you for the guidance


Thank you for this wonderful app!

I think this app is wonderful!! For instance, I can talk into my phone about whoever, whenever, and never have a worry of doubt that it may get back to that someone or ever thinking about somebody else's feelings, or spoil a secret about so n so!!

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Let Go and Let God

Give problems to God, so they can be resolved in a divinely perfect way. While you can always talk directly with God, this app is a supportive tool to help you develop the habit of giving worries to God.

You can turn any worry into a healing experience by vocalizing your thoughts and feelings to God. Once you have spoken your concerns, doubts, worries, confusions, or questions to God, Let Go—then receive a divinely comforting message.

You’ll need to give this app access to your microphone, and please don’t worry—it won’t record, store, or listen to your recordings. Everything’s confidential between you and God.


  • RELEASE your worries, questions, and concerns confidentially to God
  • RECEIVE a healing, comforting affirmation when you “Let Go”
  • SHARE your affirmation with others
  • REMEMBER to give your worries to God daily, with a customizable daily notification

Lovingly created by Doreen Virtue:
“My prayer is that this app will encourage you to consistently turn everything over to God, and develop the healthful habit of releasing worries. Please talk with God as long and often as you’re guided, and to remind yourself to Let Go and Let God.” – Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue holds three university degrees in counseling psychology, and is a life-long clairvoyant and spiritual healer. Doreen is a bestselling author on the subject of angels.