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I Am Bliss

I Am Bliss – Mirror Affirmations

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Give yourself a gift!

A unique way to affirm your day, give you encouragement and instill a positive attitude. Look yourself eye to eye in the "mirror" and your day can start in such a joyous way as you repeat your affirmations. Enjoy!


Be your best self

A phenomenal app for getting and staying centered, authentic, guided, inspired, and grateful. An easy way to practice self love when on the go. I love this app!


Amazing App - Will Change Your Life

This app will change your life. It will help you heal childhood wounds, manifest the life of your dreams, and inspire you to have compassion on yourself and others. Buy the bundle once you get the app!

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I Am Bliss Affirmations

Are you ready to SUPER-CHARGE your self-confidence?
Affirmations can change your way of thinking, can develop confidence and can get you motivated to achieve more. Affirmations have been shown to help your brain create new habitual patterns of beliefs and behaviors.
Saying affirmations out loud into a mirror can enhance these benefits!
And now it’s never been easier to be your own BEST friend than with I Am Bliss, a new mirror affirmation app from your friends at Oceanhouse Media.
– Hold your device tilted in a manner that is comfortable for you to look deep into your eyes in the mirror
– Feel the loving energy flowing from your eyes into the eyes of your reflection
– As each affirmation appears on the screen, take a moment to internalize it
– Read it aloud to yourself with love and conviction while looking into your reflection in the mirror. Repeat as desired
– Smile in the mirror at your best friend!
– Over 1000 confidence-boosting mirror affirmations
– Choose from six Binaural Beats soundtracks (Alpha, Delta and Theta frequencies)
– Theme song by renowned Kundalini Yoga figure Thomas Barquee
– To tap even deeper into your subconscious, choose your meditative binaural beat background music before beginning your session
– Alpha waves range between 7-13 Hz. It is the state of relaxation. These tracks help enhance your visualizations, tap into your deeper creativity, and bring you to a deep sense of peace.
– Theta waves range between 4-7 Hz. It is the state of meditation. These tracks help you access your twilight state to enhance your intuition, memory, dream recall, and tap into your extrasensory skills.
– Delta waves range between 1-3 Hz. It is the state of deep, restorative sleep. These tracks help slow your brain down to tap into the subconscious, triggering the release of Human Growth Hormone, which is essential for healing and regeneration.