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Impressive - so good I ordered the deck

I love finding those special decks that resonate with me and provide accurate information for my clients. Before I purchased this card deck, I wanted to try the app. It has been incredibly accurate and I love all the insight, it's not just two words but gives you some guidance on how the issue/card may be manifesting in your life. It's a beautiful too!!


Amazingly accurate

I've love Ravynne's work for many years and when I saw this app I had to give it a try. I find it works well and I have my guides in my pocket. I close my eyes and use my intuition when choosing the cards. The daily reminders and the ability to save my readings make this a winner for me. It has been accurate and reliable. I love having a portable version always accessible in my pocket.


The best oracle cards I have ever purchased.

This is not your usual tarot but a new tarot with the most profound messages. I am so grateful for the people that created this amazing tool.

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Dreams of Gaia Tarot

You want to achieve unity within yourself, your relationships, and with heaven and earth. Dreams of Gaia Oracle can help.

The philosophy of the cards is simple – to seek, to feel, to grow, and to heal.

Seek – reveal the answers to the questions within. Learn who you were, who you are, and who you wish to become. The tarot will help you communicate with the Divine, and your inner self; know your conscious mind, and explore the unconscious forces – the hard-wired beliefs and patterns that influence your behavior and choices. Knowledge is power. Self-knowledge and awareness are the keys to empowerment.

Feel – delve into the watery realms of emotion, and begin to understand why you feel and react as you do. The tarot will help you shine a light on your emotions. It will allow you to explore their depths, and embrace the beautiful and powerful awareness that your responses and reactions are a natural part of who you are, but also within your power to control and change.

Grow – you are in a constant, cyclic state of growth and change. Growth and evolution are both inevitable and unavoidable, yet so many fear them, despite the fact that life itself is both a transformative and transmutative process. The tarot will help you to recognize and respond when a time of growth and change approaches, and to face it with increased confidence. You are here to live and experience life; to fear less and meet your fullest potential.

Heal – there are experiences in your past that can do harm in your present because you have bound them to you by holding on to the emotions and beliefs they have fostered. These bonds are the foundation of all that limits and restricts you in the present, and prevents you from moving forward with confidence and trust. Awareness will help you heal and let go.

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot will help you to rediscover your ancient and eternal connection with Gaia and the Great Spirit. Develop a keener understanding of “self,” commune with the spirit realms and the Divine. Try it today.