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Connecting with the Archangels

Connecting With the Archangels

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Angel Therapy for Success

The term “Angel Therapy” refers to calling upon God’s archangels and guardian angels for gentle healing. The Connecting With the Archangels app features 7 audio tracks, each devoted to two or more archangels. Every audio includes a description of the background of each archangel, and then a guided meditation to connect with their energy and presence.

The Miraculous Archangels: Michael and Metatron – Information and a meditation about the Archangel of strength and power, and the Archangel of the human spiritual path.

The Feminine Earthly Archangels: Gabriel and Jophiel – Connect with the nurturing and beautifying archangels.

The Feminine Nature Archangels: Ariel and Haniel – Descriptions and guided meditations to help you connect with the beloved archangels to help with gracious living and manifesting your needs.

The Healing Archangels: Raphael, Azrael, and Jeremiel – This track has descriptions and meditations to connect you with the archangels of physical, emotional, and relationship healing.

The Intellectual Archangels: Zadkiel and Uriel – Helps you to connect with the archangels of developing a good memory and receiving brilliant ideas.

The Mystery School Archangels: Raziel and Sandalphon – Meet and work with the archangels of esoteric spirituality and answered prayers.

The Relationship Archangels: Raguel and Chamuel – Descriptions and meditations to connect you with the archangels to help you to attract and maintain healthy relationships.

– View the entire list of tracks
– Favorite tracks to create a custom playlist
– Set a daily notification to remind you to meditate
– 15-Second Forward/Backward Skip
– Repeat One or All tracks
– Set a sleep timer
– No internet connection necessary to listen