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Burst of positive energy

Just when I'm feeling hopeless, it's nice to get a reminder that everything is going to be all right as long as I have faith and remain positive. Love the app!


Archangel Uriel

I just love getting these text messages !!! They usually come at the right time when I need to hear something uplifting happy .. I look very forward to them !! I also have the one from Archangel Michael and the one from Jesus !!! Just love them 🙏🏻😘❤️❣️


Uriel delights

The messages are spot on and encouraging 👍

App Information

Archangel Uriel Guidance

Archangel Uriel who illuminates our minds with information, ideas, epiphanies, and insights. Like a wise old uncle in this way. He’s wonderful to call upon whenever you need a solution, such as at busi­ness meetings, when writing, while studying, or when taking a test.

Choose the types of messages you need now, categories include:

– Ideas and Answers
– Manifesting
– Faith and Belief
– Self Confidence

Lovingly crafted by Radleigh Valentine, renowned clairvoyant and spiritual healer.