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Love Your Inner Goddess Meditations and Dances

Love Your Inner Goddess Meditations and Dances

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Love Your Inner Goddess App

Get inspired with 10 powerful meditations and Goddess dance tracks to help you explore the sacred feminine Awaken and express your divine feminine spirit through song and meditation.

Your loved-up inner goddess will inspire you to express yourself authentically, be empowered and self-confident, ignite your creativity, trust your intuition, feel attractive and radiant (that’s your inner goddess glow!) and shine with positive energy. Celebrate the exotic, empowered goddess within you!

– Track Listing –
1. Brand New Day
2. Butterfly
3. Free to Be
4. One Divine Tribe
5. Warrior
6. Heart Meditation
7. Spirit Meditation
8. Truth Meditation
9. Beauty Meditation
10. Warrior Meditation

Awaken your divine feminine spirit with these fun and quick techniques to nourish your soul and enhance your emotional outlook!