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Abundance Angels Guidance

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True wisdom!

Love all the wisdom that comes from the cards!!! Its worth the money!!!!


Love it!! 💖😀

I absolutely love the affirmations in this app!!! Since I'm brand-new to this app I set it to alert me with a new affirmation every five minutes and I have yet to see an affirmation repeated


Synchronisticaly Original Through

The pop up's that i really can't wait for. Helps me pause and allow this presence.

App Information

Abundance Angels Guidance

Manifest your wishes and dreams with help from messages and notifications from your Angels of Abundance. Receive insight and encouragement all day, every day!

Choose the types of messages you need from 11 categories and you also choose how often you will receive new messages. You can also open the app to receive new messages any time.

Lovingly crafted by Grant Virtue, renowned clairvoyant and spiritual healer.

God has a wonderful plan for you and your life, but sometimes we get in God’s way because we don’t have faith or we try to control everything ourselves. If you worry about finances, your future, or whether you’re fulfilling your purpose, then these fears can inter-fear with the flow of abundance coming to you.

Because these self-sabotaging fears are unconscious, you may not even be aware of how often you’re pushing away the good that God is trying to bring to you.

It’s such a beautiful feeling to wake up in the morning, knowing that you’ll devote your day to your meaningful career, and that your needs are taken care of. It’s wonderful to be able to provide for yourself, your loved ones, and your favorite charities. Abundance gives you the support so that you can afford to take good care of yourself, your family, and charitable endeavors. This app will help you embrace the Abundance that you deserve.